Albums recorded and produced by Danilo Manto

Four hands piano works

Gaetano Donizetti
Double CD
World premiere of Gaetano Donizetti for the “Musikstrasse” record label with the American pianist Mary Elizabeth Sadun.

Trio Mantic Ensemble

Trio Mantic Ensemble
For the IWM record label he produced Trio Mantic Ensemble with saxophonist Mirko Fait and percussionist Max Patrick

Trio Pacific Art in concert

Trio Pacific Art
Trio Pacific Art in concert with violinist Stefania Yermoshenko and cellist Annamaria Cristian.

I colori del tempo

Danilo Manto
Own original compositions for piano.


Books and manuals published by Danilo Manto

Gli Animali Felici

Danilo Manto
Didactic concert works

Grandi Compositori Per Pianisti Principianti

Danilo Manto
Piano anthology